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basketballhoopstockphotosmallTwo nights a week, a group of guys way past their prime play full court at the local Catholic elementary school gym.  Crowding the lane, slamming in the paint, occasionally committing acts of unlikely grace: it’s basically my version of Fight Club. And yet, two or three times tonight, we found an unusual synch with our offensive passing.   Great ball movement makes any team worth watching; it multiplies possibilities and sets up surprising scoring opportunities.  And it made me, however briefly and inopportunely, reconsider my obsession with push and pull marketing models.  Back and forth, over, around, through, across and back and forth again: the constant movement fascinated and engaged all of us, just the way you hope a symphony of multi-platform communications work for a brand.

Of course, I will still stand by the notion of a Perpetual Motion Experience instead of revising it to the Triangle Offense or something similarly basketball-centric.  Sports analogies don’t translate to every audience, and besides, when it comes to advertising sports analogies, no one can match the halcyon achievement of Bob Merlotti’s guest editorial in the October 22 issue of Adweek.  Genius.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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The best ideas typify convergence: the smashing together of two ideas previously considered disparate: portable music,  cellular computing, canned beer.  When someone has the vision to combine things not ordinarily associated with each other, they create exciting new possibilities (or really horrific concoctions like chocolate covered bacon).

At last week’s agency Holiday party, someone made this very simple visual mash-up between a DVD and a chalkboard.  And reminded me all over again why we are so lucky to work in the idea business and earn a living this steeped in pure fun.  Merry, merry.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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