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To the creative mind, thoughts are like birds.  They come, they go, they swarm and flock and mess up the public statuary…  Okay, maybe that’s pushing the metaphor: regardless, I needed a place to let mine roost; a repository of thought and opinion for big ideas, little insights and total misses.  Some thoughts rarely stray from your synapses, returning to your consciousness time after time like swallows to Capistrano.  Involuntary thoughts, if you will.  But others fly off, never to be seen again.  Those are the ones that inspired this blog.

Consider this a Facebook for ideas about the advertising and marketing industry.  A little spot on the web where we can friend thoughts and then let them go off to live their own lives and chase their own muses…until that day comes when we want to contact them again.  And then, voila, we’ll be able to find them roosting right here, conveniently accessible in perpetuity.  Which is, you know, nice…

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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